How to change a cremone bolt of a PVC patio door?


On some patio doors, the cremone bolt is the opening and closing system. Whether it is natural wear or a lack of maintenance, it may be necessary to replace it, especially if you have difficulty operating it. What do you need to know to change a PVC patio door cremone bolt? Can cleaning products be used to preserve its integrity?

better understand the use and interest of changing a cremone bolt for a PVC patio door

Before starting, it is recommended to obtain preliminary information to carry out the change of a espagnolette of a PVC window door. If there are different types of cremone bolts, the most common model for a PVC patio door is the overlay cremone bolt. It has both ornamental and functional qualities.

The handle is used to operate the gears. These cause the triggering of a rack. Bottom and top rods align to allow for opening or closing. Some systems are equipped with a lock. We then speak of a barrel cremone bolt or a cylinder cremone bolt. In this case, the bolts must integrate the strikers to handle your patio door.

remove the cremone bolt from a PVC patio door

To change the cremone bolt of a PVC patio door, it is recommended to respect the following guidelines:

remove the handle from the patio door;

access the cremone box and remove the screws located on the edge of the leaf;

handle the extensions to separate them from the casing and the rods;

remove the cremone, ideally with a screwdriver or pliers .

Depending on the condition of the parts, you may encounter difficulties in carrying out the previous steps mentioned. If necessary, apply Super Penetrant 3-IN-UN Technique to remove encrusted dirt and rust. For a targeted application, the Original 3-IN-UN All-Purpose Oil is a very good alternative.

install the new cremone bolt for a PVC patio door

In order to finalize the change of cremone bolt on your PVC patio door, you need to assemble the new part. Install the latter in the original location. Make sure that the handle plate is correctly aligned before attaching your cremone bolt. Then place the rods and the extensions. Operate the system several times to verify proper positioning. If it is a barrel or cylinder system, the bolts should fit easily into the strikers. All you have to do is screw on the case, then reassemble the handle. Finally, check the actuation system of your cremone bolt.

properly maintain the cremone bolt of your PVC patio door

For an existing part or a new cremone bolt, it is recommended to maintain it at regular intervals. Proceeding in a similar way to change your PVC patio door cremone bolt, gain access to the internal mechanisms of the case. Apply Technical 3-IN-ONE Window & Door Lubricant . It is composed in such a way that it can be applied to all patio doors, both PVC and metal.

As for the Technical 3-IN-ONE Lithium White Grease , it is just as effective. In addition, it protects the system against high humidity and corrosion. It is also suitable for hinges and hinges. As a guide, these products are suitable for repairing a blocked window . If the system is equipped with a lock, the 3-IN-UN Technical Lock Lubricant is recommended.

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The use of 3-IN-ONE products allows you to change the cremone bolt of a PVC patio door without any difficulty. The brand also offers recognized references for the maintenance of your openings, such as the 3-IN-UN Technical Doors & Windows Lubricant or the White Lithium Grease.