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Pest Control

Preventing Rodents from Making Your House their Home


Mice and rats are rodents that commonly infest homes. Nobody wants to have these rodents in their houses. Mice are small, have big ears, and can create nests in any confined area. Rats are bigger than mice. They have hairless tails and tend to be more aggressive. These rodents invade houses as they look for food, shelter, and water. If they cannot find these necessities in your house, they won’t stay for long. To prevent these rodents from infesting your home, can give you expert advice on the preventative measures you can take. Also, pest control experts know how to eliminate a rodent infestation safely and effectively. 

Why Having Rodents in Your House is Dangerous

Various kinds of rodents can present various types of issues. Generally, rodents are not desirable. That is why they are classified as pests. Rats and mice present health risks. They can spread germs through their urine and droppings. Direct contact with them can also result in the spread of pathogens. 

Additionally, rodents cause different types of property damage. Mice and rats can chew through walls and floors. They can gnaw on electrical wires and pipes. This means that these rodents are dangerous to have in your house. However, there are things you can do to prevent rodent issues in the future. The first step is to contact a rodent control company. 

Preventing Rodents Around Your Property

To prevent rodents from infesting your home, seal up small gaps in your home’s exterior walls. Also, you should eliminate sources of standing water by repairing leaking pipes right away. Ensure firewood is kept away from your house as rodents can make a nest out of this wood. Trimming your lawn regularly and getting rid of fallen leaves can prevent rodents from nesting on your property. Keep in mind also that rodents can use clutter around your house as hiding spots, so keep your property free of clutter. Lastly, food must be stored in airtight containers that rodents cannot ruin. While these are simple steps, they can make your property less attractive for mice and rats in search of their next meal or water source. 

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

The following are signs to look for to identify a rodent infestation:

  • Odor and noise. Rats tend to give off a distinctive ammonia-like smell. You will recognize this odor right away if you have smelled it before. Also, rats and mice are most active at night, so you can hear them making scurrying or squeaking noises at night.
  • Droppings and urine. Rodents tend to leave behind droppings and urine wherever they go. These droppings are often found along walls and in between objects and furniture. If rodents more in the same routes constantly, they can leave greasy smears along walls or furniture. 
  • Damage. Rodents may be infesting your home if you can find any damage they cause. Rodents can chew through electrical cords, gnaw on furniture legs, and destroy paper products to create a nest. Rodent damage is often visible in the attic and basement. 

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