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Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon Regularly


In most Singaporean residences, it is far more frequent than you may believe that the air conditioner has not been properly maintained. This is because many believe that aircon servicing is expensive and that the unit may sometimes work without being attended to or fully fixed.

Please avoid making that error! Your air conditioning system might develop major difficulties if you only wait till aircon repairs are necessary. As a result, you will likely incur more costs over time, and your system will not reach its full lifespan. In addition, you will not receive the full benefits of air conditioning because the system will not run at optimum capacity.

Continue reading if you are still unsure why you should maintain your air conditioner even if it is operating.

Enhance interior air quality.

Your air conditioner may be blocked with dust and debris or, even worse, mould and germs. You and your family might be breathing in this poisoned air without your knowledge.

This can lead to health problems, particularly if someone in your household is asthmatic or allergic.

You and your family’s air quality will improve if you conduct air conditioner repairs and do routine AC maintenance. This results in a safer and healthier indoor environment.

Decrease allergens and bacteria in the air.

By maintaining your air conditioner, you will contribute to your family’s health since dust- and bacteria-free air can result from clean air conditioning and air filters.

Several modern air conditioners contain air purification and filtration devices. These are based on methods that are very efficient in reducing viruses, germs, and suspended particles by air recirculation alone.

You will not experience these advantages if your AC performs badly due to insufficient aircon maintenance.

Decrease the likelihood of sickness.

Poor air quality is associated with health and several air conditioning-related illnesses. However, they may be avoided with routine HVAC service and maintenance.

Recall that the common cold, sore throat, and tonsillitis can develop if you deny your family healthy air by failing to maintain your air conditioning equipment.

Increase aircon performance.

The air conditioner’s performance will be maintained at a high level with repair and maintenance. So what’s the purpose of purchasing the greatest air conditioner on the market if it’s not operating at peak efficiency?

Remember that regardless of the model of air conditioner you own, they all require routine maintenance and servicing. Not a single exception exists.

Enhance energy conservation.

Regular air conditioning maintenance helps ensure your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency. An air conditioner can lose up to 5 per cent of its efficiency annually if it is not properly serviced and maintained.

Remember that a more efficient air conditioner will operate better and use less electricity. It will also be able to cool or heat a place considerably faster.

Detect issues before they arise.

You must remember that it is not simple to recognise an AC problem just by seeing the unit.

When you contact a contractor for air conditioning repair, they will open the units and conduct a thorough inspection. So they can spot any internal issues before they worsen and necessitate costly repairs.

Nevertheless, even better, if adequate AC maintenance is performed, there will be very little room for a problem to emerge.

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