Tips for turning your bathtub into a shower tray and succeeding


Think back to the last time you filled your tub with bubbles and spent time there. The rush of everyday life means that at the end of the day you only have time for a quick shower. That’s why you’ve been planning for some time now to renovate your bathroom and remove your bathtub. Here are the best tips for successfully changing your bathtub for a shower tray .

Advantages of replacing the bathtub with a shower tray

Showers have become the preferred option for those who have decided to renovate their bathroom. The advantages over bathtubs are that more and more people decide to replace their bathtub with a shower.

Accessible and safe : There are even models that can be placed flush with the ground or with a minimum thickness of 3 cm. which eliminate any step (binding of the stone plates). This not only increases accessibility, but also makes the place safer and prevents one of the most common household accidents.

Water savings: Did you know that 200 liters of water are used during a bath, while only 80 liters are used during a 5 minute shower? The water savings are considerable, which both reduces your water consumption bill and contributes to the environment.

How to choose the ideal shower tray?

When choosing a shower tray, you need to consider several factors in order to choose the best one for your bathroom. We tell you the characteristics to take into account.a

Shapes and dimensions of shower trays

Shower trays are available in different shapes and sizes and can be adapted to the space you choose. Depending on their shape, they have different characteristics, so it is important to take this into account when choosing the ideal model for your bathroom. We present the main forms that exist:

Rectangular : Rectangular shower trays offer more space and are most popular in larger bathrooms. They are used with sliding shower enclosures or floor showers.

Square: Square shower trays are an excellent choice for small bathrooms. They can be used with a variety of shower enclosures, such as pivoting, sliding or folding enclosures.

Corner quadrant : The rear edges are set at right angles, they fit perfectly into the corner of any bathroom and the front is curved in a semi-circle. They offer enough space inside, almost as much as a square top, but at the same time save space outside and give a greater feeling of space.

Acrylic : It is extremely durable, as it holds up well to weight pressure and running water. Water resistant and not subject to corrosion due to mineral deposits. It’s been the most common material for years, but the finish isn’t as contemporary and modern as other models. Perfect if you are looking for a traditional look in your bathroom.

Solid surface : This material is one of the most chosen for the bathroom. It is a material that has extreme resistance to shocks, temperature changes and water. Thanks to its low porosity, it is easy to clean, resistant to bacteria and fungi. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material due to its low emission rate production.

Mineral filler: Combining resin and different materials, it is distinguished by the fact that it is flat or extra-flat with a thickness of 3 cm. This means that they can be installed low to the ground. This material is very aesthetic with a modern and minimalist touch, one of the most sold currently. Sindesliz being one of the most recognized brands on the market for this type of product, exclusive to Queràmic, it is resistant to bacteria.

Porcelain : This type of material is a safe bet when it comes to durability. Made of non-slip porcelain, it is safe and very practical. Easy cleaning and no maintenance. This solution is increasingly used. They can be made in the workshop and made to measure or on site with Kit drainage systems and covered with the same ceramic that we use to decorate the bathroom, as long as it is non-slip.

Shower tray finish

Shower trays are available in many colors. Although white is the most common, it’s not the only one, you can choose black, matte, beige or gray, and it doesn’t stop there! They are available in finishes, imitation, wood, marble or slate.

You now know all the essential points to consider when choosing the ideal shower tray. Take a look at these latest ideas to make your shower tray a success when installing it.

Pay attention to the pipes

Before installing the shower tray and choosing the model that you like the most, it is essential to take the pipes into account. If the pipe is recessed into the ground, you can choose between a flush pipe or an elevated pipe. However, if the pipe is raised, it is necessary to provide space for the water to reach it, so that the shower tray cannot be at the same level as the ground.


It is important to pay attention to the type of shower tray drain, as there are variations in both the location and the type of shower drain. They can be in a corner, in the center of one end, or even in the middle of the shower tray. The most common shape is circular, but some can be square, rectangular or even linear for a more modern design. Sindesliz offers stainless steel and lacquered grids in black, grey, natural and matt white.


Many people hesitate to replace the bathtub with a shower because they are afraid that they will not find the same type of tiling as in the bathroom. If you are wondering how to combine tiles in showers , know that it is no longer a problem, because the trend is now towards the differentiation of the shower space.