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Different Types Of Roofing Sheets In India & Its Application


There’s a saying that one only needs food, clothes and a roof to live a self-sufficient life. People can keep on changing their choices when it comes to their food and clothing but something like a roof can seldom be changed. So why not make the correct choice while building your dream home?

Given the fact that each region of the country has different climatic conditions and different people have their own range of budget— to accommodate this in the Indian market, there is no shortage of home-building materials. From different shapes to even different materials, you’ll find everything you’re looking for with multiple options to choose from.  However, things like rebars, bricks and roofs can seldom be changed, so let’s explore options and help you make the correct choice!

  • Corrugated Metal Sheets: Known for their strength and durability, corrugated metal sheets are generally manufactured using steel or aluminium and have a wavy or corrugated pattern. Their application varies from residential, commercial and industrial usage. They are often also used in rural and agricultural settings for building a temporary roof.
  • Asbestos Cement Sheets: Popularly used for their fire-resistant and insulation properties, asbestos cement sheets are used in commercial and residential settings. However, since these sheets contain asbestos fibres mixed with cement, nowadays, due to awareness, people tend to avoid using them since they cause many health ailments like respiratory diseases and even different forms of cancer.
  • Fiber Cement Sheets: Manufactured using a mix of cement, cellulose fibres and other materials, fibre cement sheets are known for being durable and resistant to fire and pests. As compared to asbestos cement sheets, these fibre sheets are a safer alternative to be used for residential and industrial roofing. Additionally, fibre sheets are also used for wall cladding.
  • Galvanised Iron (GI) Sheets: Most commonly used roofing alternatives because of their affordability, galvanised iron sheets are known for their anti-corrosive properties owing to their zinc coating. These sheets are used in commercial and residential settings.
  • Polycarbonate Sheets: These lightweight, transparent, translucent sheets are manufactured using durable plastic and can be customised as per your requirements. Owing to its transparency, these sheets are used in greenhouses and even as skylights in buildings.
  • UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) Sheets: These lightweight and moisture-resistant sheets are commonly used as residential roofing solutions in coastal areas. A plus point is that these UPVC sheets are low maintenance!
  • Galvanised steel roofing sheets: Known for their longevity, these galvanised steel roofs are used in everything from homes to commercial buildings to even building sheds and car parks. Often used in rural and tier II settings, these sheets tend to be a durable and rust-resistant option owing to their zinc coating.

Now that you know about different types of roofs and their applications, we recommend that you use only the best for your home or business. Weighing in all the benefits and features, it’s best to go for galvanised steel sheets.

Since it is durable and rust-resistant, we suggest that if you are looking for sheets for your residential or commercial building, then these zinc-coated sheets are the most apt roofing solutions. If you are looking to purchase galvanised steel sheets, then visit the website or download Tata Steel Aashiyana app! On the online portal and the website, you can purchase Tata Shaktee’s galvanised steel sheets in your required quantity.

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