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How to clean kitchen tiles, tips and advice.


If the installation of your ceramic was not done correctly during installation and the seals used were not adequate, it is quite possible that your kitchen will get more dirty than you would like and that the you can see the dirt right away, but is it possible to find your kitchen like the first day without too much effort? And yes , we suggest you read this post full of tips and tricks to clean the tiles of your kitchen and find them clean as the first day.

Simple ways to clean tile

Maintaining the kitchen as it was on the first day is 100% possible if we lay the tiles correctly and use good sealing of the joints, in addition to carrying out a good daily cleaning after use, in order to prevent the dirt accumulates.

Ceramic and porcelain are enamelled materials and have no pores, which makes them a fantastic product when it comes to cleaning them, since any stain will always be superficial. Just using mild stain remover or a simple mixture of water and vinegar will be enough to leave any ceramic surface completely clean.

How to Clean Tile with Water and Vinegar

Vinegar is a very powerful cleaner and also disinfectant . To clean the tiles of the most encrusted dirt, you have to mix a little vinegar with water and even with a cleaner against grease. Just pour water and a good squirt of white apple vinegar into a bowl, mix well and with the help of a sponge clean the tiles. When there is a lot of accumulated grease it is necessary to rub well, it is advisable that the water be lukewarm or hot, as this will favor evaporation and leave them without any trace. Then just remove all the remains with a clean cloth. The result is a tile that shines like the first day.

Can you clean the kitchen tiles with baking soda?

Baking soda is one of the most environmentally friendly formulas for cleaning kitchen tiles. It could be classified as one of the zero waste methods for the kitchen, it is soluble in water and it has deodorizing and descaling properties. Baking soda is used to eliminate the most encrusted grease on different surfaces, such as glass ceramics, tiles (especially joints), the oven or the sink, for example. We must protect ourselves well, so when we use baking soda it is advisable to rub with a soft sponge to clean the kitchen tiles and then rinse with plenty of water to remove all residues. Always protect yourself with gloves.

Using ammonia to clean tile

Ammonia is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant for kitchen tiles , its use must always be done with gloves. Before starting to clean with ammonia, it is advisable to open the doors and windows of the kitchen to help the ventilation of the room. It is necessary to dilute a maximum of two spoonfuls of ammonia in a bucket of water, before using the product on the tiling.

Steam cleaning

You can use steam engines, which have the advantage of using pressurized hot water . It is a fast, simple and at the same time economical and less abrasive method. With the steam, the grease on the tiles is diluted and it is easier to remove with a clean, dry cloth.

Succeed with tiles such as the first day with degreasing products

In addition to homemade tips for cleaning kitchen tiles , there are specific degreasing products on the market to leave wall mosaics looking like new.

Once the product is on the tiles, rub gently with a sponge or cloth . Carefully read the label of the product, in cases where it should be left to rest for a few minutes, to achieve greater effectiveness in cleaning the tiles. Finally, remove traces of the product with a cloth and the grease and limescale accumulated from the water vapor will disappear.

Glass cleaner

Although we call it glass cleaner, you should know that this is also used to clean lacquered doors and also to clean the kitchen tiles. In the case of cleaning ceramic slabs it is necessary to eliminate the grease beforehand , because the composition of window cleaners has no degreasing power. It can be used as an aerosol or with a clean cloth or sponge after cleaning the traces of the degreaser. Your tiles will recover their original shine effortlessly.

How to clean tile joints?

Our tiles get dirty on a daily basis with vapors and grease, the joints suffer the same consequences. The small hollows that form the joints remain the ideal place for the grease, which we cannot see, to accumulate, drier and encrusted, therefore more difficult to eliminate. If the cleaning is not done regularly, our seals will turn from white to gray and this one to black very quickly. This color change of the joints will dull the appearance of the tiles and they will give the unpleasant feeling of always being dirty.

How to clean tile joints?

If during the laying the joints used were the appropriate ones of high composition with Dekogrout type resins from Benfer with very little porosity, the dirt will be superficial and with the same cleaning methods, mentioned above, to leave your tiles like new, the seals stay clean and will maintain their original color. You can also use specific products for the joints of the tiles, for this you put the product directly on a brush or on the joint and rub until you recover the natural color.

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