How to fix a stuck window?


Just like a door , a window requires regular maintenance to keep the opening and closing system in good condition. Despite precautions and the quality of the material, it is sometimes necessary to repair a blocked window. What are the causes of such a problem ? How can we solve it ? You will have the answers to your questions in this tutorial specially concocted for people, like you, who have a blocked window.

Diagnose the origin of the problem before fixing the blocked window

Whether it’s a tilt-and-turn window or another model, try to identify the cause of the blockage. It can come from different areas of the system:

Repairing a window requires minor intervention if the frame or structure is not damaged. A simple cleaning can then possibly solve the problem. However, the fouling can be more or less pronounced at the level of the fixed frame and the opening. For superficial deposits, hot soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge can remove various residues, such as dust or earth.

Dismantle the blocked parts of its window to lubricate them

If this first intervention is not enough to repair your blocked window, consider lubricating the opening and closing system. This part of the maintenance can then be done as a preventive measure to avoid any inconvenience. Before intervening and to protect your floor, place a support on the ground, such as  plastic, cardboard, newspapers, if you want to extract the window from its frame. Otherwise, provide a cloth to anticipate the spillage of lubricants. Then do the following if you want to perform a full disassembly:

Start by removing the covers at the level of the hinges, the hinges and the handle ;

Then, remove the screws if these are visible

And finally, remove the sash or the glazing clear from its axis.

Spray lubricant on the blocked window

For maintenance or repair of a window, and if the parts are not damaged or deformed, then lubrication does not require total disassembly. After removing the covers in the previous step, apply the product you have chosen beforehand. We recommend the use of Technical 3-IN-UN Doors and Windows Lubricant . A simple spray of this specialized product will then have a magical effect and will unblock your window in no time. In addition, it will ensure long-term maintenance of all casements and sliding doors. It is also important to know that it is compatible with all metals, plastics and rubbers.

3-IN-ONE Alternatives to Window and Door Lubricant

If you don’t have Doors and Windows Lubricant on hand, don’t worry, the 3-IN-ONE product range includes several solutions that match the technical particularities of your system. They also apply to the maintenance of door hinges . For a sliding opening, you can opt for the 3-IN-UN Technical Silicone Lubricant . This avoids friction at the contact points, and acts effectively against squeaks. For the hinges, the hinges or the cremone bolt, the use of Technical 3-IN-UN White Lithium Grease has the same effectiveness, especially with regard to the prevention against rust and humidity. Depending on its packaging, it can be sprayed or applied to the treated parts. Finally, the 3-IN-UN All-Purpose Oil is a very good alternative for a meticulous window repair.

Windows like new!

Repairing a blocked window is done quickly with the 3-IN-ONE treatment products and the Technique line. The use of White Lithium Grease, All Purpose Oil or Silicone Lubricant is suitable for regular maintenance of your openings, from the protection of metal parts to the frame.