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How to unlock a roller shutter?


The presence of roller shutters at home has many practical advantages. They offer an optimized security framework to reduce break-in attempts, especially if they have an anti-tearing system. In addition, they make it possible to regulate natural light and are appreciated for the quality of their sound and thermal insulation. However, it happens that the roller shutters get stuck, so it is important to analyze the situation to know how to react and whether or not to call a professional. If the cause of the malfunction of your roller shutter is present in the following list, then know that you can repair it yourself!

So, whether you are a handyman or not, this intervention is accessible to everyone. If the system is automated or integrated into a home automation network, check the integrity of the motor and controls, as well as the power supply before proceeding with any operation.

Lubricate and clean dirty slideways

A blocked roller shutter can present warning signs. The apron may have difficulty going down or up. In this case, it is possible that the rails are clogged. Without regular maintenance, it risks becoming unbalanced. It is therefore recommended to use a suitable product, such as Technical 3-IN-UN Silicone Lubricant . This treatment is effective in preventing corrosive attack and protecting against moisture. Designed for outdoor use on all types of materials, this lubricant is suitable for smoothing the movement of parts in slideways. It is particularly indicated for rolling shutters, but also for the maintenance of garage doorsside or front opening. Its use is simple. You just have to spray some product on the rails. If you want to have a targeted spray, don’t forget to use an extension tube. Thus, there will be less loss of the product and your application will be cleaner. If you don’t have a tube, then take a cloth to wipe off excess product.

Troubleshoot engine failure

First of all, you have to check if the roller shutter has a motorized system. This motorized system is used to ensure automatic or semi-automatic use. First check the controller. If it works perfectly, disassemble the casing to access the motor. The use of a 3-IN-UN Technical Contact Cleaner may be enough to solve minor problems, especially if certain parts are oxidized or clogged with greasy deposits. In this case, spray the product in a targeted manner, on the electrical element that you wish to maintain. If the fault persists, the replacement of one or more elements is then necessary. In this case, it is better to seek the advice of a professional.

Take good care of your roller shutters to prevent them from getting stuck

With proper maintenance, you can easily prevent a roller shutter from jamming. For this, use the 3-IN-UN Technique Silicone Lubricant as a preventive measure. It prevents friction and squeaks in addition to preserving bearings and rails. You can also opt for the 3-IN-UN Technical Doors & Windows Lubricant; you will then benefit from a formula enriched with silicone! Apply the product of your choice to the shutter (as you can see in the video below). After treating the stuck parts, operate the mechanism in one direction, then in the other before the product dries. Thus, the entire structure benefits from effective lubrication. You will be quiet for a while and will no longer have to worry about your shutters! Remember, however, not to wait for the critical moment to maintain your shutters again. Indeed, they require special attention, if you want to keep them in good condition.

Rolling shutters!

With minimal maintenance and application of 3-IN-ONE products, it’s easy to guard against the problem of stuck roller shutters! Find the whole 3-IN-UN universe on Facebook